WHA Financial & HR Services introduce to students the internship policy. This Policy provides guidelines for internship at WHA Financial & HR Services.  

A growing number of young academics, universities and Government have expressed interest in the possibility and advantage of internship. The number of applications is growing every year. WHA considered it important to develop certain guidelines that would guide relationships between such visitors and WHA. Although not all those who visit WHA are regarded as interns, this document is designed to regulate the relationship between the WHA and persons wishing to visit WHA on internship.    

Internship Policy Statement
Internships are educational programs that allow interns to gain practical work experience and develop skills in the areas of their career interests under the guidance of experts or those working in the field. Internships are appropriate for graduate students or persons who have had prior experience working in fields that relate directly to their career or WHA interests. Internships must be of benefit to both the student and WHA. The intern benefits from the opportunity to learn about the system, conduct research through guidance from a staff member allocated by the company, while WHA benefits from the outcome of the intern’s research and contribution to other activities.

You will be given the opportunity to support and learn from our people and be part of a team. You will be accompanying outstanding and inspiring career professionals and senior management within the Organization.     

Applicants must have an educational or professional background. Applicants must have at least a first degree from a recognized higher institution. Kurdish and English languages are required.  

Application and recruitment procedure  
Interns should apply to the HR department of WHA by submitting the following documents:

  • Application letter indicating the field(s) of interest of the applicant; 
  • Curriculum Vitae; 
  • Copies of University Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained; 
  • Names and contact details;
  • Proof of financial support during the internship (for foreign students)        

The following would also apply in the selection of interns:

  • Priority will be given to applicants whose qualifications (area of interest) will be most useful to WHA;
  • Priority will be given to citizens of KRG.

Upon the successful completion of the internship, a certificate will be issued to the intern by the HR department of WHA.