Financial Consulting
Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Tax Advisory services are delivered to a variety of clients ranging from small and medium sized enterprises to large global corporations. It is designed to provide clients with independent advice, due diligence, valuation services on transactions, etc. We allow for companies to anticipate the changing regulatory landscape, enhance valuable accounting functions for greater performance, and navigate and resolve business issues which mitigate unforeseeable circumstances.
Our specialists have the experience and knowledge of both local and foreign and will nachnac the know-how in Kurdistan to inform the customers timly and correct.
HR Consulting
For optimal presentation of your company, it is important that HR is well organized. Observance of laws, rules, instructions and knowledge is a must. Are the employees contracts and company policies approved on local laws and regulations. The HR specialists at WHA understand that and will give possible improvements and to cover the risks. Local and international knowledge delivers the right combination of our knowledge.
Due to continuous change and extension of regulations is the question wether your  company is in control.