Financial Audit international standards
Our Audit services are based on the requirement of national and International standards. In addition, WHA has internal quality standards that meet and exceed the International Standards on Quality Control.
During the Audit process, we examine the financial report of an organization - as presented in the annual report. The financial report usually includes a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in equity, a cash flow statement, and notes comprising of significant accounting policies. We will discuss ideas with you in the annual accounts in order to identify potential points of interest in an early stage and we will also look at issues that only indirectly influence the items on the annual accounts. Based on this we will give you practical advice in the field of return improvement.
Our clients list includes multinational groups but also the small and medium-sized forigen and local companies.
Our audit team exist from local and internationals expers that deliver statutory and regulatory audits of the highest standards. 
Local Audit Services 
This is annual audit based on the Iraqi rules and laws and must be done by a local auditor. This audit is mandatory for every company which are registered in Iraq.
If you already have an internal or external auditor, but not the required local auditor, or have difficulty the local auditor, WHA can arrange this for you. 
We will provide the audit based on local knowledge and rules by our local and international auditors, which meets requirement rules, locally and internationally.