Corporate and Income Tax Planning.


WHA Services specializes in offering innovative Corporate and Income Tax Planning solutions that successfully reduce you and your company’s exposure to tax liability. We go above and beyond reactive tax planning services, helping you achieve and maintain long-term stability and success.WHA Services takes the time to approach your business comprehensively which enables us to recommend appropriate Corporate and Income Tax Planning strategies.


Corporate Tax (annually mandatory) 


Every company has to deal with corporate tax returns, which depends on a number of factors. WHA will take care of all kinds of tax processing and declarations for your company. You can rest assured that the tax services offered by WHA comply with the laws and regulations of the KRG. Our specialists are fully aware of the regulations regarding the corporate tax, and they are here to offer you a helping hand. WHA will handle the tax timely and you will be adequately informed by our staff about the progress of your company’s tax return process.


Tax regulations are subject to changes; incorrect application of rules and regulations may have a major financial impact on your organization. Our internal checks and advices are perfectly custom-made to address these issues.


Personal Income Tax (mandatory per quarter) 


Paying tax is an obligation of the employee, but the employer is obliged to ensure that income tax is paid. WHA’s experts can help you either process your employees’ income tax; process your staff salaries, or both.

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