HSE Consulting

WHA dedicates itself to creating a safe and healthy working environment as well as helping you comply with the requirements of KRG Legislation. We offer a full spectrum of health, safety and environmental consulting services. We assist clients in developing the fundamentals of health and safety procedures and programs. This may involve carrying out health and safety audits, the provision of consulting service, or drafting health and safety procedure manuals.

 Our consultancy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk Assessments/Analysis/Audits and/or Reporting
  • Provision of Health, Safety, and Environment Method Statements
  • Drafting of Health and Safety Policies
  • Creation of Safe Operating Procedures Manuals
  • Company Health, Safety, and AEnvironment Audits
  • Accident Reporting

In addition to providing consulting services, WHA also offers comprehensive HSE Training courses which provide guidance and direction on a range of HSE-related topics.The aim of the courses is to provide high quality training to your employees and help update their knowledge of internationally recognized standards. These training courses are recommended to anyone who has the responsibility of overseeing the safety of fellow employees. Moreover, these courses will be beneficial to every employee within a business to ensure that each individual is prepared to respond to any emergency situation.




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