Secondment of Staff

Secondment is the temporary transferal of an employee from one business to another. A business may often choose secondment for various reasons, but it often comes down to the fact that a business is experiencing a short-term gap and has a temporary demand for an employee that can provide their business with the necessary expertise.

A company may choose to do this for reasons such as the following:

  • In cases of maternity leave, a business may need someone to fill in the space.
  • Special projects may need specific expertise for help and assessment procedures.
  • In cases of extended probation periods, businesses turn to this service.
  • During busy periods there may be the demand for an extra hand.
  • Companies turn to secondment in order to save administrative work.

Secondment is among the various services WHA provides. The procedure for attaining this service starts with a consulting appointment to discover your needs, followed by a thorough and extensive search whereby we make sure the candidates we find match your requirements.