Basic Accounting Training

Duration: 6 sessions 

Course Availability:  Monthly



This is a continuation of our series of accounting courses that will greatly increase your knowledge and understanding of the theory of accounting and accounting practices. This accounting course explains the processes used to close your accounts at the end of an accounting period, from creating a worksheet that facilitates the generation of the Income Statement and Retained Earnings statement to the generation of the Balance sheet. You will also be shown how a Classified Balance sheet is broken down into current and long-term assets and liabilities. The important Current Ratio figure is calculated and explained in context.

This accounting course will be of great help to entrepreneurs and business professionals who would like to get a thorough introduction to accounting principles, and to any learner who is interested in accounting as a future career.

Upon successful completion participants receive a WHA certificate.

Program Topics

This basic accounting course has been developed to provide you with knowledge about basic accounting principles and to update your knowledge.

The following topics, among others will be covered:

Introduction to accounting

The balance Sheet

Income statement

Accounting equation

Double Entry, 

General Ledger Accounts

Debits and Credits in the Accounts

Asset Accounts

Liability and Stockholders' Equity Accounts

Bank Reconciliation

Adjusting Entries; Reversing Entries

Cash Flow Statement


Target group

This basic accounting course is for anyone who aspires to occupy an administrative position. This course is also for people who already have an administrative function and want to expand their accounting knowledge. An important skill for people in key positions such as branch managers, treasurers, etc.  
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