Communication Training


The training is suitable if you are working in an international environment. Your performance is generally satisfactory, but in certain situations your actions and communication towards others do not have the effect you had intended. Sometimes others do not understand you and react in a different way than you had expected. You want to learn how to influence communicative situations effectively, dealing with different cultural expectations on the way. You want to preserve a good working relationship with the other part.

The Benefits:

               communicate in a professional way
              ■ understand the effect of one's behavior on other people
              ■ express your objections and wishes clearly, while remaining respectful towards the other party
              ■ show increased self-confidence in your communication with others
              ■ understand your personal pitfalls and know how to avoid them
              ■ understand how to influence difficult situations without imposing your own opinion upon others
              ■ read verbal as well as non-verbal communication in a multicultural environment
              ■ read body language as well as being aware of your own


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