Principles of HRM 

In this one day training session, you will gain valuable insight into what it means to "do HR" and how to gain clarity over your role, responsibilities, and authority.

The speaker for this program brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, with nearly 15 years in leadership and HR management.

She will share her practical experiences and "real world" knowledge of what it takes to be successful in HR, and teach you how to create a learning track of "must know" areas in order to be competent and create a good people management process in your organization for the "HR stuff" such as talent management, workforce training, compliance with laws, etc.

The Benefits:

   ■ increase your leadership skills for an international context
   ■ Understand HR's role and function in the organization
   ■ Implement professional development strategies for getting up-to-speed quickly 
   ■ Clarify your role, responsibility, and authority in order to be effective
   ■ Define HR's role in managing the organizational backbone
   ■ Learn the "Life Cycle" of managing employees and critical areas that HR owns
   ■ How to become a strategic business partner through building relationships as a trusted adviser
      and compliance consultant
   ■ Understand negative trends in HR that lead to a bad reputation and cause HR to lose credibility
      in the organization
   ■ Identify key areas of legal compliance that are a "Must Know" for HR professionals
   ■ Understanding today's "Must Have" company policies for compliance with labor and employment laws

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