Labor Law Seminar

Iraqi old labor law, Law No. 71 of 1987 applicable in KRG

Iraqi new labor, Law no 37 (2015)

This seminar was designed due to the consecutive changes in the Labor Law and is intended to make business related Laws more beneficial for both employers and employees. 

Local and Foreign companies face often difficulties with understanding updates and instructions in the law. This Seminar will be an introduction for local, foreign and international companies in Kurdistan region to the recent updates and the latest Labor laws. The Seminar will give your company knowledge about the existing labor law and compare it with the new Labor Law.
 As an HR professional, you are the contact person in your organization for questions about recruitment of staff, employment contracts explaining company regulations, taking holidays, dismissal etc. The answers can be found in labor law. Periodically freshen up your knowledge of labor law you will be familiar with of the latest legal developments.

Participation Fee

450 USD per one participant.

Topics covered in this Seminar
1. Main principles of Labor Law.
2. The responsibilities of employers and employees according to the Labor Law.
3. Working hours & holidays
4. Labor related issues and Labor court for sorting out the disputes.
5. The main difference / changes in the old & new law
6. Labor Law’s instructions for local and foreign companies and employees.
7. Wages
8. Questions and answers session

Target audience 
HR professionals, salary specialists and staff members with HR in their tasks their knowledge of labor law would brush up and want to be informed of the current state of labor law. The seminar is also interesting for managers, local and foreign company owners, investors, and whoever interested in the new Labor Law.


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