Social Security Law

The purpose of this seminar is due to the consecutive changes in KRG legal rules, updates and instructions to make business related Laws more beneficial for both employers and employees. Local and foreign company’s face often difficulty’s with understanding, updates and instructions in the law.
This seminar creates an intensive introduction to the current social insurance. You will be informed of the latest developments in the field of Social Security, for local and foreign workers. The contribution for employer and employee will be discussed. Finally, let us introduce you to the last instructions of the Ministry.
As an accountant, CFO, administration and HR professional, you are the contact person in your organization for questions about social security contribution by company and the employee, both for local and international etc. The answers can be found in social security law. Periodically freshen up your knowledge of social security law you will be familiar with of the latest legal developments.
Participation Fee: $ 450 one participant and 25% discount for second participant from the same company.

Topics covered in this Seminar

  • Overview of Social Security (SS) law
  • SS contribution (Delay, exemption and suspension )/ obligations of Companies and SS Directorates.
  • SS sections ( Medical, on site injuries and pension), and how to deal with them according to the SS Law.
  • Liability for violation of the Social Security Act and the competent court to be resolved.
  • Question and Answer session.

Target audience

Salary specialists, chartered accountants and auditors, HR professionals and employees who have in their duties the knowledge of the social security law. Everyone who would like to refresh their knowledge of social security law and want to be informed about the current state of the social security law. The seminar is also interesting for managers, local and foreign business owners, investors, and who are interested in the social security law.

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